Live GPS Tracking for Locus Map

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Let your family or friends locate you in case of emergency!

Going alone in the wild? A minor incident can have tragic consequences if your phone goes off the network, out of reach or is broken, and no one knows where you might be. Using the Locus Map app, record your track and let your family or friends know where you are.

Public group, or private group?

If you use the public group, anyone can see your position. And if another user chooses the same name, the tracks will be merged, and no email will be sent.

Thus it is preferable to create a private group. This is free, but you have to register the group name with a participants password first. All users participating (i.e., sharing their position) in the group need to use the same participants password. A shorter follower password is generated, so other people can follow the positions of particiants of the group.

Notification email

If you enter an email address (or multiple addresses, separated by commas) in the email field in Locus Map, then an email will be sent to this address(es), when you start tracking your position in Locus Map (the email will only be sent once for a given day). This email will contain clickable links to show your position and your track on any mobile or desktop web browser, or those of all the members of the group. People clicking the links don’t need any password, and they don’t need to have Locus Map.

Following positions and tracks

Anyone can follow your position and your track from this page, if you use the public group, or if they know your group name and its follower password.

Any participant of your group may choose to follow the tracks of the group members in Locus Map, in addition to sharing their own position. Non-participants can also follow tracks in Locus Map.

Creating a Live Tracking service in Locus Map to send your position

Register a private group if needed, then configure Locus Map (don’t fill “group” and “pass” if you use the public group).

Creating a Live Tracking service in Locus Map to only receive the tracks of some others people

Privacy policy

Tracks and positions are automatically deleted after 7 days. Email addresses are only used to send a notification email when tracking starts, and they are not stored. No data is processed, stored or shared, for any other purpose.

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