Infinite Family Tree Explorer

A macOS app for extensive family tree charts

Explore, analyze and print extremely detailed and extensive family tree charts (ancestors or descendants)

Import your own data from your favorite genealogy app or site - this is a companion app designed to work with existing data only

Unprecedented compact representation of dozens of generations, with comprehensive information displayed for each person

Powerful filters to reveal the geographic distribution of branches, highlight specific situations, or identify consistency issues

Exclusive integrated timeline

Focus on a few persons who are loosely related, and collapse the rest of the tree to highlight their bloodlines

Free download — Optional flexible in-app purchase, according to appreciation

Traditional family tree charts are nice when displaying 3 or 4 generations, but require dozens and dozens of pages for only 5 or 6 generations.

Thanks to Infinite Family Tree Explorer’s unique algorithm, you can now draw a compact tree displaying 5 or 6 generations on a single A4 or letter page, or hundreds of people spanning dozens of generations, on a few pages. And even thousands of people spanning millennia with just 20 or 30 pages!

All this with no limit on the amount of information you choose to display for each person: dates, places, events, descriptions, occupations, comments, siblings, remarriages etc.

Revolutionary timeline! Each person can be graphically positioned on the tree according to their exact year of birth, and a graphical bar can be drawn to represent the time they lived, with optional marks for each event: marriages, birth of children etc. You can now visualize instantly those who lived long enough to see growing their great-grandchildren, and those who had not even the chance to know their own offspring; or those who gave life from the dawn – or till the dusk – of their adulthood; or those who were mowed in their youth during the war years… Directly in your ancestor or descendant chart!

Incredibly powerful filters: visually flag any person who matches some flexible criteria. For example, flag in red those who were born and died in a specific country or region, and in orange those that were born or died or had any other event in this same country. Or flag those who have lost both parents during childhood, those who married more than twice, or those who died in their 20s during wartime.

Flexibility: choose which information to show, hide or highlight; collapse some branches to focus on specific individuals or families; highlight the path between selected distant relatives.

Implex support: in many families, some people marry distant relatives, leading to duplicate branches in the tree. Maybe your maternal great-grandfather was the second cousin of your paternal great-grandmother? This means that the complete branch of their common great-grandparents should appear twice in your ascending tree… but Infinite Family Tree Explorer detects this automatically, collapses the duplicate branch, and draws a dotted line pointing to the remaining branch. This dramatically simplifies the family tree of royal families, where this occurs repeatedly and recursively!

Smart ordering: when a few branches go up to some glorious remote ancestors, while most of the ramifications are cut off, a traditionally ordered tree can become very tortuous; the smart ordering algorithm keeps your tree graphically balanced, harmonious, and easy to traverse.

Requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later

English, French, German

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